About Rob

He was like a bolt of lightning surrounded by a ray of sunlight. His infectious grin, twinkling eyes and warm personality were magnetic.

Filled with endless energy, his friends lovingly called him “Mr. Positive.

Once you met him...you could never forget him.

Rob was raised in Stamford, and lived the last 17 years of his life in Simsbury. He was an avid runner and water skier, loved music, and collected antique radios and televisions. He began his broadcasting career in high school, and worked at leading radio and television stations throughout Connecticut. Rob’s honesty and integrity built him a reputation as a hard-working, well-respected salesman.

He proudly worked for 10 years as a volunteer reader for the blind on the Connecticut Radio Information System (CRIS). He also participated in various fund-raisers sponsored by Fidelco, the Advertising Club of CT, and the Leukemia Society.

Rob’s international search for a non-related marrow donor sparked great interest in and compassion for other people stricken with leukemia who were not as fortunate to find donors. He made a pledge to himself that, after his recovery, he would actively work to recruit potential bone marrow donors, especially for minority populations.

Rob was diagnosed with leukemia in January 1992. After a year and a half search for a non-related donor, Rob underwent a bone marrow transplant at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. The transplant was successful, and on September 3, 1993, Rob went home to begin his recovery.

During this time, unexpected complications arose, which eventually claimed Rob’s life on October 12, 1993, at the young age of 43.

In Rob’s memory, and in keeping with his wishes, Rob’s family and friends have founded The Rob Branham Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to help educate the public about bone marrow transplants and provide funding for bone marrow testing. The Foundation recognizes that bone marrow transplants can provide people with the most precious gift of all: The Gift of Life.

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