Board Members

Linette Branham

“Being part of this organization goes beyond honoring Rob. Having dealt with the stress, fright, and uncertainty that leukemia brings into a life, I know how family members often feel. Anything I can do to help them get through their tough times helps me say thank you’ to all those who supported us and gave Rob a second chance.”

Donald K. Ghostlaw, Esq.

Adrienne Hopfer

“I met Rob and Lin in 1981. We became fast friends, and when Rob was diagnosed with leukemia, there was nothing we wanted more than to show our support in any way possible. Rob was a very special person and meant so very much to my entire family. Rob was unique, but there are so many other ‘Robs’ out there needing help and support. I hope involvement in the Rob Branham Foundation enables me to be of help in some small way.”

Steve Parker

“Rob Branham and I met in the radio business back in 1979. We became instant friends. But Rob became instant friends with just about everyone he ever met. And he was also the one you could always count on in an instant if you needed somebody to help you or lean on. And that spirit lives on with the Rob Branham Foundation. Hopefully, with Rob’s guidance from above, we can be there to help anyone else out in an instant. Let us be your life line to hope. Just like Rob had always been for all of us.”

Raj Das

As I was looking to join a few boards to give back to the community, I got instantly attracted to the noble purpose of the Rob Branham Foundation and the energy and enthusiasm of the board members, especially Linette. It was an easy decision to make when I was invited to become a board member. I am looking forward to contributing to the foundation in terms of branding, expanding its reach and any technology related aspects."

Wayne Simmons

“I met Lin Branham when I was recovering from Leukemia and a Bone Marrow Transplant in 1994. I realized that the Rob Branham Foundation was the perfect organization to be involved with. With everything that I have gone through during all my treatments and time in the hospital, I can give back to help individuals and families deal with blood related disorders and all the complications that enter their lives. I never had the opportunity to meet Rob, but listening to Lin, Steve, Ron, Friends and Family over the years has given me the privilege to feel like Rob is a close Friend of mine. Rob is always with us to help families get through these difficult times.”

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