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The Rob Branham Foundation can provide or help you find the support and services you need in coping with leukemia and other diseases that lead to a bone marrow transplant as treatment.

Not sure what you may or may not need? Browse the services offered below, and let us know how we can help!

Rob Direct

The Rob Direct program provides financial assistance directly to families for ancillary expenses not covered by insurance, as well as other services. Whether you are out of work caring for a loved one, or need help making ends meet to pay for gas to and from treatments – RBF is here to ease those burdens in any way that we can, so that you can focus on your treatment. Financial assistance is limited to families in Connecticut.

In addition, the Rob Direct program offers family support and networking with other patients or other family members. Need someone to talk to? Need a companion for a leukemia patient? We can help. For more information please email us.

Rob Right Now

rob right now immediate financial support

Families in crisis can’t wait for help….they need it as soon as possible.  That’s why Rob Right Now! was created - to provide short term, emergency assistance to a family that faces an

extreme struggle, such as possible eviction, lack of food in the house, or the loss of power where they live.  Rob Right Now! can provide one-time, limited financial assistance, based on a very simple application, that will help the family resolve the immediate crisis.  

Friends of Rob

The Friends of Rob program provides guidance and assistance to students and student groups that are interested in community service projects that will benefit the Foundation as well as leukemia patients and families.

Looking to create a fundraising project in your community but not sure what to do? Whether it is dances, sale of a product, a walk, events, movies, treasure hunts – we can help you come up with the idea that will work, and help you determine how much money you should aim to raise.

How do you get started? First, talk with your friends and family about organizing a group. Find a teacher or advisor at your school to serve as a mentor, and work to get approval on your project to make a difference.

For more details about Friends of Rob, contact B

oard Member Charlie Margolis for more information.

Bone Marrow Testing

Our Bone Marrow Testing program helps you make connections to get a bone marrow drive started, and supports drives financially.

When a family member is stricken with leukemia or another blood-related disease, a bone marrow transplant is sometimes recommended as the best chance for a cure. Usually, family members are tested first to determine if one of them would be a suitable donor. When no family member is a suitable match for donation, many families and communities organize marrow donor drives to try to find the “miracle match.”

RBF can help you organize a successful drive through a variety of ways, including:

  • Helping you find the nearest donor center for your drive (which can typically be found at www.bethematch.org).
  • Determine the type of setting in which your drive will be: at a corporate workplace? At a community event? Is it its own event?
  • Who will fund the drive? Testing costs vary, so you should contact the nearest donor center to find out what the cost per donor will be.
  • Choose several possible dates. The date you want has to be coordinated with the schedule of the donor center and other involved in its sponsorship.
  • Organize volunteers to help out at the drive.
  • Approach local business about donating small items that may be given as tokens of appreciation to those who are tested.
  • RBF will help you publicize the drive, as well, to ensure the maximum exposure for a successful event.
  • RBF will provide you with literature and information about bone marrow testing available for the day of the drive.

For more details about how you can get involved with Bone Marrow Testing, click here.

Informal Counseling and Conversation

Need someone to talk to? Or want to speak to someone that may be going through the same thing that you are? Volunteers are available to talk with you via email or phone on a one-time or continuing basis. As a reminder, if you need immediate medical assistance please call 9-1-1.

Call us 860-202-2491, or send us an email and we will get back to you right away.

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is hard work. There are many factors that go into planning and implementing a successful fundraising effort and part of the key to fundraising is coming up with ideas for events that people will support.

How much money should you raise? Your group should sent goals that you feel you can realistically reach – any amount of money you

raise is appreciated, and goes towards the Rob Branham Foundation, where it will be used to help families facing leukemia.

At RBF, we believe that fundraising should be FUN – we have compiled a list of suggestions that might get your thoughts in gear!

  • Selling Products: Whether you sell a product that is commercially-produced or have something designed especially for your group or cause, the successful sale of any product depends, in part, on how many people will do the selling, and how good they are at selling the product. Some products you might consider selling including candy bards, tins of assorted candies, lollipops, flowers, potted plants, wreaths, decoration, coupon books (created with local businesses), wrapping paper, greeting cards, stationary, calendars collectibles, or anything you may have created especially for your group.
  • Social Events: Holding a successful social event is often determined, in large part, by the effectiveness of the publicity of the event (which we will help you do!). Some event ideas include dances (1950’s sock hops, big band style music, holiday-themed events), dinners, wine tasting, ice cream socials chocolate-lovers feast pancake breakfast, movie events, or music events (such as Battle of the Bands or Karaoke night).
  • Athletic Events: You don’t have to run marathons to raise money for a good cause! A wide variety of both competitive and non-competitive athletic events are held often to raise money. Some ideas include 5K walks, 5K runs, rollerblading, bike riding canoe or kayak paddling, team sports such as basketball or baseball, individual sports such as tennis or racquetball, or even intellectual sports such as chess or Scrabble. Also, friendly competition between two community groups is always fun!

There are plenty more ideas we have – or maybe you have thought of one that you’d like to share with us! Click here to get in touch with us about fundraising event ideas!

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